Dry Filtration Downdraft Tables & Downdraft Booths
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Downdraft Tables & Booths

Dry filtration downdraft tables and booths are perfect utility worksurfaces for welding, grinding, deburring, cutting, sanding, and mixing.  Fine dust and particulate is drawn down, away from the operator’s breathing zone, and into a cartridge filtration system.

 8 standard table sizes to choose from

 Polyester, Nano-fiber, and HEPA filter options available

 Dozens of options & accessories to customize for your application

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Wet Filtration Downdraft Tables & Wet Dust Collectors
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Wet Downdraft Tables & Collectors

Safely capture flammable or combustible dust in your facility using one of our wet filtration solutions.  Intermixing hazardous, dust-laden air with water works to permanently trap the contaminants in a reservoir and allow clean air to return to your work environment.

 Stainless-steel construction

 Easy-to-use, low maintenance

 Complies with OSHA and NFPA for the capture of combustible dust  Product Details

Carpenter Using An Electric Sander


Suitable for MIG, TIG, or Stick welding, down draft tables are an excellent capture-at-source solution for everyday heavy-duty welding.


Using a ventilated down draft table during the  process of grinding any metals or plastics will dramatically improve your workplace indoor air quality.


Using abrasives to deburr, polish, or finish any fabricated components will produce very fine dusts that can be difficult to capture using anything other than a capture-at-source down draft table.


Down draft tables do an excellent job of containing the noxious fumes, gasses, and harmful airborne particulate produced during laser or plasma cutting applications.


Wood, metal, or plastic dust produced from sanding or finishing with coated abrasives can be immediately ventilated using a properly fitted down draft table.


In any industry, maintaining air quality is one of the most difficult sub-processes when combining powders or granules.  Down draft tables offer the perfect utility workspace for mixing materials.

Safe use of Downdraft Tables

Before selecting a downdraft table, it is important to understand the health & safety regulations applicable to your application.  The United States Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) publishes guidelines for indoor air quality and worker safety.  Since grinding, deburring, sanding, or mixing some substances can create a combustible dust hazard, the National Fire Protection Association publishes additional regulations to protect against fire or explosion. If you are unsure about which codes apply to your situation, contact one of our sales professionals today.