Imagine a workbench that keeps all the harmful dust and fumes from polluting the air you breathe.
Our Downdraft Tables protect your respiratory zone, by combining powerful downward suction and high-efficiency filtration.
As North America’s largest manufacturer of Downdraft Tables, we understand how to deliver clean air in your facility.

Our best sellers

DBB-3X8 Downdraft Booth with Welding, Grinding, and Deburring Kit
DBB-3X8 WGD | 5050CFM
Welding, Grinding, Deburring 7.5HP three-phase, from
23,180 $25,445 $
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MDD-3X6 Monsoon Wet Downdraft Table Grinding, Sanding, Deburring
5000 CFM Wet Downdraft for Grinding, Deburring, Sanding
18,013 $
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WX-5000 Wet Dust Collector for Combustible Dust (Three Phase)
WX-5000 | 3000-5000CFM
Wet Filtration Collector for Combustible Dust
22,420 $
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DD-2X4 Downdraft Table with Welding, Grinding, and Deburring Kit
DD-2X4 WGD | 1500CFM
Welding, Grinding, Deburring 1.5HP single-phase
7,160 $
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They trust us

« As a repeat customer, and owner of both wet and dry downdraft tables, we cannot say enough about the products, and the people at Diversitech…….both are a pleasure to work with! »

  • Combustible dust from deburring safely contained with wet downdraft tables
  • Solved excess dust from grinding and finishing steel parts
  • Reduced cycle time by allowing operators to deburr near the machining center

« The tables are now fully functioning! The students were on them yesterday, and the instructors were so impressed. One instructor even said that he’s “old school” and wasn’t sure about the downdrafts, but he was very impressed. »

  • Custom powder coated tables to match "Baton Rouge Red"
  • Delivered tables "on-time" to five separate campus locations
  • Nanofiber filter technolgy ensure students have a clean and safe learning environment

« We love the downdraft table and are using it full time. We will probably be looking for another one in 6 months to a year as well. Thanks for a nice product. »

  • Mini DD eliminates deburring dust at source
  • Supplied cushion grid matting to protect parts from damage
  • Downdraft table filters airborne dust to protect workers and machinery

Our Commitment

2 year warranty
Quality build
Certified products (ETL)
Fast delivery