Airflow Control Options


Backdraft Hood

The backdraft hood allows for improved capture of dust and fumes high above your downdraft table surface. Horizontal grates, when opened, introduce a backdraft suction, drawing particulate back away from the operator.

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Capture Arm

Adding an extraction arm to an industrial downdraft table allows you to extend the capture-at-source service range of your equipment. Operators will enjoy the versatility of being able to vent dust, smoke, and fumes high above and far away from the table surface.

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Blue Cushion Grid Matting

When this mat is placed over the downdraft table’s surface, your tools and materials avoid contact with the steel bar grating – protecting against scuffs, scratches and damage. The Mat is perforated so as not to disrupt the ventilated downdraft surface.

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They trust us

“Diversitech was very helpful in providing useful information to solve our particular Dust Collection problem.
Our users have all had good things to say about the product and working with Ron Morris was a pleasure.
He provided all the support we needed in getting our system up and running.
I would recommend Diversitech to anyone that needed a similar product.
It is very well made and easy to use and maintain.”

  • Reduced hazardous dusts from work areas
  • Provided cleaner breathing air for operators

« As a repeat customer, and owner of both wet and dry downdraft tables, we cannot say enough about the products, and the people at Diversitech…….both are a pleasure to work with! »

  • Combustible dust from deburring safely contained with wet downdraft tables
  • Solved excess dust from grinding and finishing steel parts
  • Reduced cycle time by allowing operators to deburr near the machining center

« The tables are now fully functioning! The students were on them yesterday, and the instructors were so impressed. One instructor even said that he’s “old school” and wasn’t sure about the downdrafts, but he was very impressed. »

  • Custom powder coated tables to match "Baton Rouge Red"
  • Delivered tables "on-time" to five separate campus locations
  • Nanofiber filter technolgy ensure students have a clean and safe learning environment

« We love the downdraft table and are using it full time. We will probably be looking for another one in 6 months to a year as well. Thanks for a nice product. »

  • Mini DD eliminates deburring dust at source
  • Supplied cushion grid matting to protect parts from damage
  • Downdraft table filters airborne dust to protect workers and machinery

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