HEPA filter for DD-3X4+

  • Filter Material
  • Dimensions
24″ x 24″ x 11.5″
  • Seal
Urethane sealant / Neoprene gasket


HEPA afterfilter DD-3X4+ Industrial Downdraft

859 USD $1,689 USD $

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High-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filters offer hospital-grade filtration (99.97% efficiency of 0.3 micron particles), allowing indoor-venting in most applications. These HEPA filters are unaffected by moisture, as the micro-glass paper construction is waterproof. HEPA filters are recommended in the following applications:

  • Welding stainless steel, galvanized steel, high-carbon steel
  • Presence of hexavalant chromium

Industrial Downdraft Tables 7.5HP and under can be configured with one or two HEPA filters, and tables 10.0HP and up require two HEPA afterfilters. An afterfilter housing, fitted between the side-stack and exhaust silencers, is required. On-site retrofitting is possible – contact us directly for more information

Compatible Models